Board Mounts

Board Mounts are the ideal solution for displaying your printed board at your next event. With a range of options available, you can choose the perfect look to showcase your board. These mounts work best with lightweight board material that measures 1/2″ thick and stands at a height of 6′ to 7′. 

Edge Grip Mounts

Edge Grip Mounts are versatile uprights of varying heights that empower you to create your own unique exhibits, displays, or rooms. With a maximum height of 8 feet, these stands offer an open top design, allowing graphics to extend beyond the uprights for captivating shape cut, die cut, or router cut graphics. Elevate your visual impact by positioning the graphics above the floor. Find endless possibilities with Endless Edge.

Sign Frames

Sign Frames provide a durable and elegant solution for displaying your graphics. With their fixed size and sturdy construction, these frames offer a sleek and framed look, enhancing the visual appeal of your graphics. Available in various sizes, they can also be elevated off the ground for added visibility. The top-loading feature ensures easy changeability of graphics, making it a convenient option for updates.

Modular Frame System

Modular Frame System offers limitless possibilities for event or exhibit spaces. These panel frames can accommodate printed board panels or fabric graphics and come in both sharp and rounded corner options. Connecting them is a breeze with the tooless connectors, ensuring quick and effortless assembly. Remarkably versatile, this system can be easily repurposed in the future to create entirely new configurations. Experience the endless edge of possibilities with Modular Frame System.