Pillowcase style fabric displays can be straight or curved and ideal for double-sided needs. These easy to set up displays consist of an aluminum frame and pillowcase fabric that simply slips over the frame. The display is completely covered by fabric providing a seamless and clean look.

Push Fit

Push-Fit fabric graphic displays are made of aluminum extrusion frames that have specially designed channels on the front to hold a silicone edge graphic (SEG) print giving a seamless and frameless look.  Single and double-sided graphic options are availlable as well as lit and non-lit.


The popular collapsible spider display offers two options: Velcro and Push-Fit. With the Velcro choice, you can conveniently store your display with the graphic attached, saving valuable set up time. The Push-Fit option, available in backlit, may require some additional assembly. Both options allow graphics to wrap around the edges, giving you the opportunity to add visuals to the display. Choose the option that suits your needs and enhance your display.


This Umbrella display is an ultra portable, light weight trade show display that sets up in seconds and folds down like an umbrella for maximum portability. The full-color, wrinkle resistant, dye-sub printed fabric mural remains attached to the display when folded.

Fabric Tension

The Fabric Tension System is extremely versatile with condensed packaging. It can go up to 9′ tall and be produced at custom widths.  Repurpose same hardware to create different sized looks. Choose between straight, inner and outer curves.