Portable Booth Kits

Portable Booth Kits are the ideal starting point for your creative ventures. With a wide array of pre-designed ideas to inspire and help you discover your preferences, these kits not only ignite your imagination but also aid in determining your budget. Our catalog includes a diverse range of kits, from 10′ and 20′ inline booths to island configurations. Contact us today to explore our collection of kits and embark on your creative journey.

Custom Booths

We understand the importance of customization. Our expertise lies in transforming your sketch and idea into a digital mock-up that perfectly aligns with your design preferences and budget requirements. With our custom booths, the possibilities are endless. Let us bring your vision to life.

Floor Pillowcase Displays

Fill empty space with Floor Pillowcase Displays and create photo opportunities for your audience to share their experiences. Ensure your brand is seen by all, even in the midst of waiting in line. Our indoor pillowcase displays can regulate and direct your attendees, offering options like straight walls, cubes, rectangles, and triangles. The displays can be stacked on top of each other to create interest and alternating messaging. Enjoy hassle-free assembly with toolless hardware.

Kiosks and iPad Holders

Kiosks and iPad Holders from are the perfect tool to captivate your audience. These versatile displays offer a unique way to showcase and personalize your brand message, ensuring it doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether used as stand-alone pieces or as an addition to a larger booth, our displays provide an engaging and professional touch to any setting.

Hanging Displays

Hanging displays offer a visually striking way to showcase your brand. Highly versatile, these displays are commonly utilized for wayfinding purposes at tradeshows or as captivating focal points at events. With a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your brand. Constructed with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum tube frames, cables, and rings, these displays are built to last. The fabric graphics effortlessly stretch over the frames, resembling a snug pillowcase, and are secured with a top zipper for a seamless look.